qurbani for pakistan

In pakistan millions of childs are victim of malnutrition .Their parents not  have resources to provide them enough food.Its leads them to paralylitic. EID -UL-AZHA IS the occasion in which muslims of all over the world trying to participate in sunnah of Ibrahim A.S.

BAJI SAHIBA have mission to provide them meal to those people   who cannot afford to buy in the whole year.Donate Qurabani MEAT to orphan children,widows, daily wagers and needy families during covid -19 pandemic.May ALLAH accept the qurbani of everyone. 



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Qurbani FOR Rohingya

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Chairman,s Message

I feel proud to present SATH SAVE PEOPLE WELFARE FOUNDATION Pakistan as a remedy for all those who suffer from calamity, mishap or misfortune. SATH WELFAER Foundation has always been among the first responders to reach for the rescue of humankind. Here we serve for the humanity without any discrimination and strive hard to fulfill our obligation towards the social cause. Helping orphan children so they may become independent, bringing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to help households to earn their livelihood with dignity and honor. We extend hands towards the needy facing extreme situation due to natural or manmade disaster, giving medical treatment to the sick, providing clean drinking water to the water deficient people and bringing light in the life of nation through education and skills development. This year proved to be another gem in the crown of SATH WELFARE Foundation Pakistan as we reached more than 15000 poor and needy people of Pakistan. We didn’t only serve the nation in the country but also the Muslim Ummah across borders. We reached to serve the humanity in Myanmar in Burma and other parts of the world where we helped the helpless with the kind support of our donors and volunteers. We remained steadfast in the service to humanity for providing relief to the needy. I am thankful to all those who trusted us and helped us serving this social cause of humanity and I wish that this cooperation for the mutual cause of humanity remains thriving forever.



In order to provide immediate healthcare relief to the people of underprivileged background suffering from coronavirus, SATH WELFARE Pakistan has started providing oxygen cylinders and oximeters to the patients being isolated at their homes. The service is aimed to provide necessary support to the critical patients who are suffering from breathing problems caused by the infection of coronavirus.  The volunteers ofSATH WELFARE  FOUNDATION Pakistan also provide required training to the family members of the patients to use this highly sophisticated medical equipment at homes. Already,SATH WELFARE Foundation Pakistan is providing COVID-19 testing facilities and Blood Plasma Therapy services for the people infected by the virus.