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Sath Save People Welfare Organization, being a non-political, non-governmental, non-profit organization, is committed to serving humanity’s most vulnerable and less privileged segments without any discrimination, to contribute to their well being in areas such as health, education, financial sustainability, livelihood, shelter, availability of clean water, masjid, mitigation of calamities from disasters such as floods and earthquakes, and welfare of its employees and partners.

Such services will be rendered and made possible after resource mobilization, developing partnerships with other NGOs, other relevant public and private organizations.

Supporting and engaging in programs of significant utlity to our mission will be ensured.

The foremost consideration will always be to provide services with honor, integrity, and transparency towards all stakeholders.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

Our volunteers from different areas  find people who dont have enough food ,shelter,education and medical facilities. we raise fund and organize mission with other non -profit NGOs to help those people.


— We Build Networks

Sath Save People Welfare Organization working for well being since 2012. we are desired to build a large charity framework to help impoverished people and provide them basic facilities of health ,Education ,Food and Shelter


people in 


— We Strengthen

We are providing finacial and social support to people facing any kind of discrimination . we provides  strength to those and becoming their right arm.


— We Educate

Baji Sahiba ,HEAD OF THE organization has a mission to take education to every part of pakistan.In this regard we also implement many projects of education Projects


— We Provide Care

Our NGO PROVIDES  Care to people  in sudden        Disasters,Earthquakes,floods and pandemic. Our volunteers in this delicate time of carona pandemic going to homes of poor people and provide them  food and sanitizer

— We Consult

Baji Sahiba ,HEAD OF THE organization consult with many of the experts in their respective fields and private NGOs too before launching any project  for Education Health and Shelter

Impact Stories


My name is Rizwan . I was working with careem as a bike driver.I got an accident in 2018 ,MY right leg is fully injured and i lost my right leg.  I was no more able to earn a living . I was ruined . I had to  feed my kids and family. No one can help me.Then i met with baji sahiba , she is very soft spoken and open hearted.

she took my trouble as their own. she provides me financial support as much as she could and now I am earning from  home and feed my kids .


A Brighter Future — For LAHORE Children

My name is shaista.I was born into a poor family where teaching a child was a difficult task.All the children in our family start working from childhood.BAJI SAHIBA Come to our area to help people then i met with her and i told her i wanted to educate my  son. she listened to me very well and give us financial support .

I am very happy now .

Now my son is learning in 12th standard and along with this also doing a job to support the family.






Contribute with us to make more smiles in this world